Forms of therapy

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Psychological counseling sessions
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Depth – orientated psychotherapy
  • Body-oriented psychotherapy
  • Psycho-kinesiology according to Dr. Klinghardt

Relaxation techniques
Working with relaxation methods in form of meditation journeys, which are guided by myself, has proven particularly effective for clients, who are nervous and tense. The method can also work very well for children who are restless or who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

Psychological counseling sessions
In each therapy session, part of the time is used for advisory, constructive and clarifying dialogues. Through my training, I have learned conversation methods how to go on efficiently and effectively.

Behavioral therapy
In 2010 I completed the basic course for behavioral therapy at the Center for Naturopathy in Munich. I like to use the strategies of this form of therapy in practice. Behavioral therapy has proven particularly effective for low self-esteem and problems with anxiety.

Depth – orientated psychotherapy
One method I work with, is the depth – orientated psychotherapy (TP). It is based on the theoretical foundations of psychoanalysis according to Sigmund Freud. The TP is a modification of the psychoanalytic work of the well-known therapist. With the deep psychological approach, as a therapist, I always start from the current conflict that the patient brings with him. What is happening currently that is important. From this situation, memories of experiences in childhood and adolescence are then taken up. The goal is always to change the current life situation in the long term by working through and resolving conflicts in the now and in childhood. The unconscious mind has a central role in this form of therapy. Depth – oriented psychotherapy is recommended for various mental symptoms.

Body – oriented psychotherapy
People are often impressed to the use of body-oriented psychotherapy, which I prefer for clients with chronic illnesses. Here, body and psyche are seen as an inseparable unit. This form of therapy uses body perception as an option to uncover unconscious processes and bring them into consciousness. This is how the opportunity arises to clarify the processes in the long term.

Psycho – Kinesiology
Dr. med. Klinghardt, a German doctor, developed in the USA a holistic method, that assumes almost all illnesses are related to unresolved mental conflicts (USK). These USK’s are anchored as blockages in the brain and have a negative effect in many areas of life. With appropriate methods, these energy blockages can be treated and cleared up in the long term.